How to Change Your Public IP Address (Windows)

For some of us, (especially those who don’t read vpn service software reviews and vpn service provider reviews), there comes a time where are internet antics bring us to a place where we need to change our IP address.  Maybe you cheated just a little too hard on an online game and can’t play anymore.  Or perhaps you were a little too honest on a political forum.  Whatever the case, these bans can be a huge pain and keep us from doing what we want.  It’s times like these that changing your IP address is handy.  It’s like hitting the reset button on your internet reputation, and here’s a quick list of steps to guide you through it.

1. Power down the modem…

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That’s a fancy way of saying unplug it.  A lot of service providers provide a public IP address that can change over a period of time.  By unplugging the modem, there is a strong chance that it will be assigned a new IP address once turned back on

2. Wait for 5-6 minutes.

Some internet providers will reassign a new address in as little as five minutes after disconnect.  Once time is up, reconnect the modem and see if things have changed.  If not, unplug it again and go to sleep.  Revisit it in the morning.

3. Start it up with something new.

Sometimes the first device to connect to the modem influences the IP address assigned.  The most common first device is a router, so try reconnecting the modem and plugging the computer directly into it. Doing this is easy:

Before anything else, be sure your anti-virus software is up to date.  Your router adds extra protection against viruses, but here you will be connecting without it.  Best to err on the side of caution. You can read hidemyass reviews to know more about this.

Shut it all down.  Make sure that everything you include on your network is disconnected and completely powered down.  All power should be cut from the modem and all the lights on it should be off.  Disconnect the modem from the router and make sure your computer is shutdown too.

Use and Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly into the modem’s internet socket.

Turn the modem on, giving it a minute or two to power up completely.

Turn on your computer and log in.  Make sure it has established connection online and then turn it back off.

Set everything back up the way it was, plugging the modem in through the router via its WAN port.  Your computer settings and network setup should be the same but a new public address should appear in the IP section.

These changes not only gives you a new life on the internet, it can also prove helpful when troubleshooting your network and connections. In addition,changing your IP address will also help keep your privacy without that need to go to a proxy server and read reviews such as hidemyass vpn service review or check out their best vpn service reviews.


Added Security

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