android security

I’ve been using Astrill VPN for a couple of months now and I think it’s really great. The installation went smoothly and I really like feeling secure when I’m online. I’m just sorry I left my smart phone unprotected for so long. I know people whose Facebook accounts passwords were stolen somehow and someone posted a lot of stuff that they didn’t like, thankfully it was mostly links to other sites and advertising.

I really like having the anonymous IP address. When the websites I visit know exactly what city I’m in, it makes me uncomfortable. Then ads appear for local restaurants and I wonder about how they’re they doing that and what else have they discovered. I get it that I’m just one of millions of people surfing, and Tweeting (and I Tweet a lot) and texting, but still . . .

I decided to upgrade my smartphone’s security after reading an article on retail stores that actually track your movements in their store by using your smartphone’s signal. Just when we’ve all gotten used to being on closed-circuit security TV, and getting customized coupons at the register, they had go and add physical, in-store tracking. Creepy, creepy, creepy! Stay tuned for “We Know What You Bought Last Summer!”

100 secured

So when I started searching for security software for Android phones, Astrill came up in the results. I’ve heard about Virtual Private Networks, but they sounded pricey and sort of elitist, like the people who buy domain names just so they can have a special, personalized email account. But Astrill sounded really solid. They have basic stuff like firewalls and private IP addresses, but they also have a video accelerator which makes my Netflix app rock!

Since I can’t live without my smartphone, I needed a really good Android VPN. If you have an Android smartphone, you should sign up for VPN too. You need it! You should try the famous HideMyAss VPN at low price but first click here to read a review about it.