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When you’re surfing the internet just through your regular service provider you’re leaving yourself open to your every mouse click and site visit being tracked. You’re also putting yourself at the mercy of your government who can block or censor any site they choose. So if you think you’re surfing the net in freedom then you’re wrong.

I always thought that since I was in the privacy of my own home, my internet use was something only I knew about. That is until I stumbled upon an article about internet service providers (ISPs) and individual IP addresses.

The content of the article shocked me. Essentially, your ISP assigns every device in your house, plus any mobile device you may own, an individual IP address that lives with the device for as long as you have that ISP. Through your IP address all of your internet activity is fully tracked and recorded, as well as your location. The amount of time your ISP keeps your logs is in question, but with the recent NASA scandal we can assume this information is shared with more than just your ISP. Fortunately, I did a little research and found the best way to beat this system and surf the net in freedom.

ip hide

A friend of mine pointed me out to virtual private networks, of VPNs, that mask your IP address so that you can surf the net in complete freedom. Now when I log onto the net I sign in under my VPN and can be use on any Windows computer for more information on the best windows vpn visit the link.


My ISP can no longer keep track of my activities, specially i’m using my iphone connected to Wi-Fi network and install one of the VPN provider I’ve read from this best iphone vpn -click this link to read the review about it.

Even you are in Israel you can use a VPN to hide your IP  or open websites that are IP restricted, there are many providers you can use but you chose from the best vpn for israel here.And install it in on your pc or any device to gain access to any secured IP website or any live streaming sites.



Plus I can access any site in the world free of the censorship and blockings imposed by many government agencies. If you want to surf the net in private just like me, find the best VPN provider and comparison and free your internet activity for good!